About Us

At Resilient Arms, we live the American dream every day.

Like many startups, we started with a need, but no market-based solution existed.

While enjoying social media time we came across a number of user accounts where wounded vets shared their stories about how difficult it was to get back into shooting. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to get out to the range, the problem was due to their wounds they couldn’t hold or fire a weapon easily. We thought there had to be a market or vendor out there which provided solutions to disabled and wounded vets.

There were a few but with high priced solutions and none that really addressed issues with being able to hold a gun and enjoy a day at the range. Most focused on high priced wheel chairs with special pintle mounts or blow tubes which are absolutely needed for disabled vets and others that require those solutions.

Our mission is to not only provide high end firearms at an affordable price but also listen to our customers. We have partnered with other vendors who have solutions such as thumb/butter fly triggers, side chargers and modified stocks and other modifications that make getting back to the range possible.

If we don’t have the solution we will find a solution.

Item for item, we cannot price compete with companies that outsource everything overseas from their product packaging, to the gear they use. What we can do is source the best materials and product made, combine that with real world experience and produce a high-end product. Made in America for the Americans defending our way of life.

Resilient Arms searches out the latest hardware and highest quality parts, combined with out of the box thinking, providing custom firearms that are stronger and more durable that won’t fail.

Thank you for choosing Resilient Arms.