New Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE

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Features and Specifications

  • Composite Free Float Handguard
  • 16” Solid Steel Barrel with Parkerized Finish
  • Black Nitride Plated Bolt
  • Gen2 Grip
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Aluminum Upper and Lower Receiver
  • (1) 25 RND Magazine
  • Functional Forward Assist
  • Bolt Catch
  • Charging Handle
  • Adjustable Flip Up Sights
  • Shell Deflector
  • 4 ½ Pound Trigger Pull
  • Ejection Port Cover
  • Adjustable Stock
  • 1/2 x 28 Threaded Barrel with Thread Saver
  • Popular AR Platform
  • Easy Push Pin Disassembly
  • Full Length Top Picatinny Rail
  • 2-Position, Receiver Mounted Safety Lever
  • Ambidextrous Sling Adapter Plate
  • Mil-Spec FCG
  • Allows For Drop in Trigger Assemblies
  • Standard “bicycle lock” Storage Safety
  • Compatible With Most Standard AR15 Components and Accessories
  • Owner’s Manual


Model Caliber Barrel Length Capacity Finish Stock Twist Rate Length Weight
 M4-22  .22 LR 16 inches 25 RNDS  Matte Black Adjustable 1:16 31.25″ – 34.5″ 5.00 lbs




The Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE, as featured on Resilient Arms, is a top-tier .22 LR tactical rifle that balances precision, versatility, and durability. This rifle stands out in the market due to its unique blend of features, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of shooting activities, from training to sport shooting.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Receivers: The Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE features aluminum receivers, reducing the overall weight of the rifle without compromising its strength and durability. This makes it easy to handle, particularly for extended periods, which is essential for training and practice sessions.
  2. Mil-Spec Compatibility: One of the significant advantages of the Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE is its compatibility with most standard AR15 components and accessories. This versatility allows users to customize the rifle according to their specific needs, whether for tactical training, competitive shooting, or casual target practice.
  3. Adaptability for Training: The design of the Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE mimics the feel and operation of a standard AR15, making it an excellent tool for training purposes. It offers a cost-effective and practical way to train with the same handling characteristics as a full-caliber AR15, without the higher ammunition costs.
  4. Precision Shooting: The Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE is engineered for accuracy. Its design and build quality cater to precision shooting, making it a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced shooters who require a high level of accuracy from their .22 LR rifle.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: The rifle’s design simplifies maintenance procedures, ensuring that shooters can easily keep their Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE in optimal condition. Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the rifle’s performance and longevity, and the ease with which it can be done with this model is a significant benefit.
  6. Versatile Use: The Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE’s adaptability extends beyond tactical training to include sport shooting and hunting small game. Its accuracy and reliability make it suitable for various shooting disciplines, offering great value for a wide range of users.
  7. Cost-Effective Shooting: The use of .22 LR ammunition in the Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE makes it a cost-effective option for regular shooters. The lower cost of .22 LR rounds compared to larger calibers means more practice and training opportunities without a significant increase in expenditure.

In summary, the Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE is an exceptional rifle that offers a rare combination of lightweight design, versatility, precision, and ease of maintenance. Its compatibility with AR15 components enhances its appeal to a wide range of shooters, from those seeking a training rifle that mimics the AR15 platform to sports shooters and hunters looking for a reliable and accurate .22 LR rifle. The Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE represents a smart investment for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and cost-effective tactical rifle.


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Tippmann Arms M4-22 LTE

The M4-22 LTE is a premium .22 caliber semi-automatic tactical rimfire rifle with aluminum upper and lower receivers and all the features of a true M4. The M4-22 LTE is largely mil-spec compatible and will accept most AR15 stocks, handguards and sights.  The M4-22 has the look, feel and controls of a true M4 and is a perfect platform for training applications or backyard plinking.

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Tippmann Arms

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